European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Participation costs

Bioceb participation costs

  • For Non-EU students ("Partner Country students"), the participation costs are € 9.000 per academic year / € 18.000 for the whole master course.
  • For EU students ("Programme Country students"), the participation costs are € 4.500 per academic year / € 9.000 for the whole master course.

The participation costs remain the same, irrespective of the chosen study track.

The participation costs include the following costs:
• Registration to host universities
• Insurance costs
• Participation costs of the Bioceb introduction module
• Summer School
• Graduation Ceremony
• Other Bioceb-specific pedagogical activities

The participation costs do not include:
• The living expenses
• The travel costs within Europe
• Visa cost

Programme Country students: All students with the nationality one of the member states of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Serbia, Turkey or Republic of North Macedonia) are considered EU students.
Partner Country students (Non-EU students) who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years in any Programme Country (EU Country) are considered as Partner Country students. The 5-year reference period for this 12-months rules is calculated backwards as from the submission deadline of applying for the EMJMD scholarship.

Check the "12-month residence rule"

We recommend the applicants to search early on for any sponsoring or external funding source in their home country to be able to participate in Bioceb, in case they are offered a place in the programme as self-funded students. Check here for more scholarship opportunities.

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- Updated October 2022 -