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2nd edition of the Bioceb Summer school in Estonia, June 27th – July 1st

The Second edition of the Bioceb Summer school took place in Estonia from June 27th to July 1st 2022.

Organised by Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) in coordination with the Bioceb Consortium, the Summer school gathered the 23 students of the 2nd intake, together with teachers from TalTech, the Bioceb’s coordinator and project manager from AgroParisTech, and a special guest from The National University of Columbia, Professor Carlos Ariel Cardona Alzate. During these five days, the participants enjoyed various activities, among which lectures, site visits, cultural events and a poster session dedicated to the Green Line Projects. The Bioceb summer school is a key event in the programme since it allows the students to meet again after their second semester spent at two different locations, and before leaving for summer break or optional internship.

The programme of the 2022 edition was marked by a 3-day trip organised on the Estonian island of Saaremaa, with the visit of two companies settled on the island: a Gin distillery which recycles Christmas trees to produced aromatic extracts (Lahhentagge Gin distillery), and the only producer of the furcellarans texturizing agent worldwide (Est-Agar).

All along the week, the students had also the opportunity to visit various labs and experimental facilities in the sectors of wood chemistry (TalTech labs), food technology (TFTAK company) and even marine science. Indeed, for the first time, a visit of a marine technology and hydrodynamics R&D unit of TalTech and an algae growth test facility and field station of the University of Tartu was offered.

No less than 13 lecturers and invited professors from different countries (Estonia, Norway, United-Kingdom, Brazil, Columbia, and Switzerland) intervened during the Summer school to share their experience and visions with the students and inspire them for their future career. Particular focus was put on ecology, entrepreneurship and innovation. Five of them represented some Bioceb associated partners: Dr. V. K.G. Kumar Gupta and Prof. V. Kumar Thakur (Scotland’s Rural College, Edinburgh), Prof. E. Ximenes (Universidad de Brasilia), Prof. C. A. Cardona Alzate (Universidad Nacional de Columbia), and Erik Larnøy, PhD (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy). They warmly invited the students to apply for internships or possible future PhD theses in their respective institutions.

Among the most memorable social events: the visit of the Tallinn’s old town and a diner at Kuresaare castle on Saaremaa island. At the end of the diner, all the participants were trained to traditional Estonian dances by professional dancers!

Friday afternoon was dedicated to the Green Line Projects presentation through a poster session. Each group prepared with high professionalism a flash talk and a poster summarizing the major advances brought during the finishing academic year and the perspectives for the semester to come. Special thanks to Professor Alzate and all the TalTech scientists who joined the poster session and actively discussed with the students on their GLP work. After long and difficult deliberation of the jury, the price of the best poster was awarded to the group working on the combined production of lignin and hydrogen from lignocellulose (GLP 3).

A warm thank-you to all the participants of the Summer school and to TalTech, especially Kärt Kängsepp, Jaan Kers and Yevgen Karpichev for the amazing organization.

Find the detailed program of the 2022 Summer school:

Summer School program 2022

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